Energy Sources

Inverted Air Sourced Reverse Cycle

AirSmart have designed a super efficient DC Inverter technology which delivers superior temperature control. A variable speed drive in the motor adjusts to match your air conditioning requirements. It is optimised to deliver your comfort quickly. It runs quiet and has been engineered to combat Australia’s harsh environment with ratings of -15 to +50c for guaranteed comfort.

How it works

Refrigerant in the heat exchanger absorbs heat from the outside air and evaporates. Vapour compresses, increasing pressure and vapour temperature. Hot vapour is condensed in the second heat exchanger where heat is rejected, delivering heat into the building via the duct network and air grilles. The liquid refrigerant then passes back through an expansion valve to start the cycle again. When cooling is required this process is in reverse, which is described as reverse cycle.

Energy Sources

Hydronic Hot Water Heating

Hydronic heating provides the highest comfort level, whilst producing low emissions. AirSmart hydronic ducted hot water heating is typically the most cost effective system when considering total cost of ownership.

How it works

The principle behind Hydronic heating is simple – water is heated in a boiler, and then circulated through a loop of pipes to deliver warmth into rooms. While the most commonly used set up is through our ducted fan coils, under floor heating pipes or radiators can also be added using a single boiler. For the system’s cooling, we recommend an AirSmart condensing unit.

Energy Sources

Air To Water Heat Pumps

Air to water heat pump systems integrate perfectly with AirSmart air delivery fan coil units, are compatible with floor heating and can be expanded to replace hot water services or even pool and spa energy sources.

How it works

Air to water heat pump systems use water as the refrigerant. These systems best suit homes and small commercial operations, and can replace any existing heat system.

Energy Sources


Our IES fan coils are suitable for both water and refrigerant sourced geothermal systems, and can reduce energy bills by up to 75%.

How it works

Environmentally friendly, geothermal energy is heat energy generated and stored in the Earth. Traditionally used since the Roman times to heat hot springs, now it is used to generate sustainable, cost effective electricity.


Privacy Policy

1. Overview
1.1 The AirSmart Privacy Policy sets out the practices, procedures and systems thatAirSmart implements to ensure that it complies with the Australian Privacy Principles “APP” that are set out in Schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 “Cth” “the Act”.
1.2 ‘Personal information’ is defined under section 6 of the Act as:
… Information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable:
a – whether the information or opinion is true or not; and
b – whether the information or opinion is recorded in a material form or not.
1.3 We are committed to protecting your personal information. The AirSmart Privacy Policy explains why we need may need your personal information, how it will be used and to whom it may be disclosed.

2. The kinds of personal information we collect and hold
2.1  In conducting our business, we carry out activities that involve handling personal information.  Such activities include:
2.1.1 obtaining sufficient customer and prospective customer details for communication, quoting, carrying out works, providing relevant information and updates and improving design and installation processes;
2.1.2 marketing campaigns including periodic email bulletins;
2.1.3 receiving and addressing complaints;
2.1.4 managing staff and contractors; and
2.1.5 operating the AirSmart website
2.2 Accordingly, from time to time, we may request your personal information.  This may include (but is not limited to) your name, address, date of birth, contact details, income, assets and liabilities, account balances, tax and financial statements, employment details and citizenship or residency status.

3. How we collect and hold personal information
3.1 Generally, all of the personal information that we collect will be received directly from you.
3.2 We collect your personal information via online contact and enquiries, your oral or written instructions to us, applications and request forms, subscription to our database and from inspections and observations of your property.
3.3 Occasionally, we may be required to collect your personal information from external sources such as credit references and third party contractors engaged to perform services for you.

4. Why we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information
4.1 Ensuring that we service our customers’ needs is vital to our business.  We strive to service our customers’ needs by providing prompt and professional services and products.  To understand our customers’ and prospective customers’ needs, we collect and hold certain types of personal information.
4.2 We may use and disclose your personal information in effectively operating our business and rendering services to you.  We may also use and disclose your personal information when:
4.2.1 assisting you with your questions, concerns and complaints;
4.2.2 arranging for services to be provided to you by third party contractors;
4.2.3 refining and enhancing our customer service and interactions; and
4.2.4 maintaining our internal record keeping for audit and training purposes.
4.3 In performing services for you, we may be required to share your personal information with third parties, which could include:
4.3.1 contractors and technicians;
4.3.2 advisors;
4.3.3 inspectors and experts;
4.3.4 insurers;
4.3.5 credit providers;
4.3.6 courts, tribunals and other dispute resolution bodies in the course of a dispute;
4.3.7 any other person to whom you have authorised us to disclose your personal information; and
4.3.8 disclosures authorised or required by law to government and/or regulatory bodies.

5. Protecting your personal information
5.1 Regardless of how we have collected your personal information, we take steps to ensure that it is held securely and not subject to misuse, unauthorised access, modification, improper disclosure and/or loss.  This includes training our staff and contractors to respect the sensitivity and confidentiality of your personal information.
5.2 Once collected, we store your personal information on protected computer facilities and databases and hardcopy paper files.

6. How you can access your personal information
6.1 If you wish to access or find out about your personal information that we hold, please contact us by email or post (see Clause 9) and we will endeavour to respond as promptly as possible.
6.2 There is no fee payable to us for making a request to access your personal information.  However, if you require a copy of your personal information in hardcopy, we may charge you for the reasonable disbursements incurred.
6.3 In some circumstances, we may be entitled to partially or fully refuse your request for access to your personal information.  This may occur if your personal information has been co-mingled with commercial sensitive, privileged or otherwise confidential material.

7.  How to make a complaint We take your privacy concerns very seriously.  If you wish to make a complaint in relation to your handling of your personal information, we request that you contact us by email or post immediately (see Clause 9).
7.1. To enable us to quickly and meaningfully address your complaint, we request that you fully particularise your concerns with as much detail as possible.  If there has been a specific incident of which you wish to complain, if possible please include the date, time, location and people involved in the incident.
7.2 We will endeavour to respond to any complaints as promptly as possible.
7.3 If, after providing us with an opportunity to address your complaint, you are still not satisfied with our response, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner via www.oaic.gov.au or 1300 363 992.

8. Disclosure of your personal information outside of Australia
8.1 In order to improve our product design and installation processes, we engage the services of a design firm based in Vietnam.  Sometimes your personal information may be shared with the design firm in order to tailor products and installation to meet your requirements.
8.2 We also have AirSmart agents based in Canada.  From time-to-time, our agents may have cause to access our computer database which may contain your personal information.  Any access of personal information will be for our internal use to improve our products, services and customer satisfaction.

9. Contacting us about the AirSmart Privacy Policy
9.1If you wish to contact us in relation to the AirSmart Privacy Policy, please use the following contact  details:
By email: info@airsmart.com
By post: Level 2
696 Bourke Street
Melbourne  VIC  3000